Hamton is group of professional experts with years of experience in Horticulture projects of flower and vegetables.

We’ve focused on success of our customers and in order to achieve this goal we bring every thing in this way to get the purposed result. So from the first step to the end of construction we handle the works but here is not the end.

Our group can provide cultivation advice and management support for greenhouse services by perfect experts with decades of experience in this field.

Hamton looks to the future and is high-tech and innovative horticulture supplier and brings future to the now. In this case our customers can get perfect design and construction today which will be No. one for more than years.

Flexible interaction has made trusted communication with high technical companies in greenhouse equipment producers and this makes us more capable of turnkey projects with perfect service and supports.

Our peoples are at your service for any question or inquiry you may have, We proud to inform you with full details.